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Cyberance's product customization group is dedicated to fine tune canned business applications packages to meet your specific needs. Most of the popular business application software can take care of majority of your needs, but they can not be fulfil all your requirements as they are disegned to address the general functionality.
In such cases where these application packages fail to address your specific needs we come into picture.

We can tweak these packages to meet your specific needs within the framework wherever possible. Whenever it is not at all possible to meet your requirements within the framework of the application packages, we provide our own interface to fulfill what you need.

Customization of SAP® Business One

SAP® Business One is a powerful integrated accounting and business software package. SAP Business One is designed for small and midsize businesses striving to achieve growth under highly competitive market conditions. By optimizing core business processes this is a solution that will form the heart of an organization's business application strategy. Providing a rapid return on investment SAP Business One is simple yet powerful, quick to implement and intuitive to users. The system is flexible and scalable to support the growth of the organization and represents an easily justifiable investment.


The product provides a level of customization that is available to the Administrator or Power user (dependant on permissions) so that simple enhancements can be done quickly and cost effectively. These features allow for additional fields to be created within the primary entities such as customers, suppliers or orders for example. For more complex customization and seamless integration with other applications, developers APIs are made available for ultimate flexibility as explained below.


SAP Business One boasts an impressive array of integration facilities over and above the standard customization features discussed above. There are two comprehensive APIs (Application Programmer’s Interface), namely the Data API and UI (User Interface) API. The Data API allows integration with the Data Layer for read/write access to information whilst protecting the business rules. For example, this might be used for another application to post invoices to Business One. The UI API allows integration with the Interface Layer of the solution allowing developers to alter and enhance screens and processes.

Special Enhancements

We have worked with some SAP business one partners to provide specialized enhancements to meet their clients specific needs. Here is a list of some of the customization work undertaken:
    Equipment Card Upload and Creation: The client had thousands of equipment cards sitting in the legacy system, at the time of migration to Business One we wrote the interface to upload the cards automatically into Business One. In addition to that we created program outside of Business One to create new Equipment cards at the time of shipping.

    Shipping Interface: We created the interface to connect Business One to UPS and FedEx systems for automated shipping process.

    Financial Reports: We created complex financial reports outside the Business One to meet client’s specific needs. Late payment surcharge, interest rate calculation, customer statements, customized payable and receivable reports.
When it comes to customization the possibilities are endless. Contact us with your specific needs and let us show you what we can do for you.

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